Swordsman Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII Gamer Bedding

Available in FULL, QUEEN or KING size is swordsman Cloud Strife in an artisan design on this Final Fantasy VII comforter cover for fans wanting a unique design in gamer bedding.

This proud, if not once arrogant swordsman, is the man character in the Final Fantasy VII role-playing video game series. He is a mercenary and former member of an elite warrior unit called SOLDIER.

Cloud StrifeOnce focused solely on his hired task, he learns a truth about is past that gives him new perspective on what it means to be considered “hero”.

The artist has detailed this fair-haired, fair-skinned warrior in the modified uniform of a 1st Class SOLDIER — the familiar gauntlets with pauldron over his left shoulder. He is wielding his trademark weapon, the enormous broadsword — the Buster Sword.

Cloud Strife Bedding Design

  1. This is Final Fantasy VII bedding consists of an expertly crafted, zippered comforter cover that has been expertly cut and hand sewn. It includes a hidden nylon zipper for easy removal when cleaning. Use this to cover your own existing comforter in a dramatic new look.
  2. The featured Cloud FF bedding is in QUEEN size and measures 88×88 inches, fitting a standard QUEEN mattress of 60×80 inches. It is also available in FULL size measuring 79×79 inches and in KING size measuring 104×88 inches.
  3. This Cloud Strife character design is showcased on one side of the comforter cover only with the reverse side a soft, solid shade of white.

Cloud FF7 Bedding Design

Cloud FF7 Bedding Fabric and Care

  1. Cloud Stife is crafted from 100 percent polyester microfiber fabric. Microfiber is a breathable fabric weave similar to cotton and cotton blend fabrics but with superior performance and benefits.
  2. Microfiber is stain, static, wrinkle and run resistant and will not fade when washed.
  3. It has a high thread count for super strength and a silky soft feel.
  4. Final Fantasy MerchandiseWash this video game bedding in COLD water using a mild detergent.
  5. Tumble dry on a low to medium heat setting and avoid the use of hot water, high heat dryer settings and bleach that can damage the fabric.

American Made

  1. As premium, artist designed video game bedding, this is made-to-order in the USA and is not available in stores. You may only buy this online.
  2. Each zippered Final Fantasy themed comforter cover, whether in FULL, QUEEN or KING size, is ready for shipping to the buyer in about 3 to 5 business days.
  3. If you send this to a USA address, it will arrive within 2 to 8 days via the United States Postal Service.
  4. This same Cloud Strife design is available in other video game home decor through the link below.