Big Assassin’s Creed Ezio Video Game Wall Decal

This large video game wall decal is of Assassin’s Creed Ezio Auditore da Firenze — the Italian assassin who rises to the rank of Grand Master in this game trilogy series set around the time of the Italian Renaissance.

Ezio’s character has appeared in Assassin’s Creed II: Discovery, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations as well as the short film “Embers”.

This officially licensed wall decal is made by Fathead, LLC. and measures 3′-0″ WIDE x 6′-5″ HIGH it also comes with the bonus graphics featured in the image.

Enzio Assassins Creed Wall DecalsThe high definition digital character detail is printed on a superior grade tear and fade resistant vinyl with a low tack adhesive backing that makes application and removal easy without damaging or leaving residue on the wall surface.

Where to use it?

This large size action image can go just about anywhere you have blank wall space to fill.

It installs easily without the need for tacks, tape, hangers or adhesives and makes a unique addition to any workout room, bedroom, family room, office, game room, media room or any conditioned space with a smooth wall surface.

Video Game Wall Decal Surfaces

  1. This Assassin’s wall decal will adhere to smooth walls, glass, metal, lacquer-free sanded wood and painted drywall (where the paint is older than 30 days).
  2. It will not work for textured surfaces or porous surfaces such as brick, spray textured walls, unpainted drywall or anywhere outdoors.
  3. The decals work best in a temperature controlled environment — adhesive does not perform well when cold.

Installing Assassin’s Creed Wall Decal

  1. For this size sticker, it is best to have the assistance of another person so the sticker does not become human fly paper!
  2. Just measure the space to make sure the Fathead decal will fit. Wipe down the wall space with a damp, soap-free cloth and let it dry.
  3. The sticker should be unrolled and allowed to lay flat on a floor for ONE HOUR.
  4. Start at a sticker corner when placing it on a wall and gently move up and out until the whole sticker is applied. No need to use firm pressure when applying.
  5. Using the yellow plastic squeegee included with the sticker, start smoothing any air bubbles out from the center of the sticker to the edges until the sticker is smooth.

The Rest

  1. This is officially licensed Assassin’s Creed merchandise that has been made by Fathead, LLC. in the USA.
  2. Pricing has been determined by the supplier and not this review website. Pricing will vary based on supplier and sticker popularity.
  3. It makes a unique gift option for the video game fan, it much more realistic than game posters and can be a great addition for theme party decorations.
  4. Stickers can be removed and reused so it’s best to save the backing for future use.