Minecraft Hostile Mob Creeper Face Throw Pillow

This artist designed 16×16-inch Creeper face throw pillow is for any Minecraft fan who loves the game, has an appreciation for artisan design and is looking for a unique video game decor accessory.

Classified as one of the hostile mobs, the Creeper spawns normally in the Overworld at the top of solid blocks with lower light levels.

They drop gunpowder when terminated and if killed by a skeleton arrow will drop a music disc. Creepers are known to chase after players within a defined radius and can climb ladders and vines.

Green CreeperIn their hostile form, a Creeper will begin to hiss if within one block of a player followed by green and white flashing and inflating before it violently explodes.

Players must escape the blast radius to halt the Creeper’s impending detonation, kill the Creeper or suffer the consequences.

About the Minecraft Throw Pillow

  1. This 16-inch by 16-inch green Creeper face pillow comes with a washable cover and features a concealed, durable nylon zipper so you can remove the cover for cleaning.
  2. Inside the pillow is a hypoallergenic, down alternative insert. The insert is double stitched for quality and strength and overfilled for loft and comfort.
  3. The fabric background is in a subtle block design in shades of light to medium green. The Minecraft Creeper face is shaded darker green colors giving the design a dimensional effect.
  4. Larger throw pillows can add just the right splash of color to brighten a room and provide a much cleaner look than a jumble of smaller pillows.

Minecraft Creeper Face

Creeper Pillow Fabric and Care

  1. This artist designed pillow cover is made from 100 percent spun polyester poplin fabric.
  2. To clean, just remove the cover from the pillow and pre-treat any stained or soiled areas with a color-safe spot cleaner or spray. You may also use a damp sponge to remove any stains.
  3. It is also machine washable in cold or warm water using a mild detergent.
  4. Polyester fabrics and bleach don’t mix so avoid chlorine or color-safe bleaches.
  5. Allow the Creeper cover to air dry or tumble dry on a low setting.

Other Available Sizes and Options

  1. This unique design is available in 16×16-inch, 18×18-inch and 20×20-inch pillow sizes.
  2. You have the option to order it as a pillow cover ONLY for wrapping one of your own existing throw pillows.
  3. You may also order this video game decor WITH the down alternative insert and can order it with indoor OR outdoor fabric all through the link below. Outdoor spun polyester poplin is a few dollars more than indoor.
  4. Pillows and pillow covers are made in the USA, to order, and are available to ship in just 3 to 5 business days.
  5. Pricing will be based on the size pillow you select and not by this review website.